Learn from real jazz guitarists!

This site is more of a a beginner to beginner introductory wiki, where everyone can publish things that he or she might find useful gift to give to the communuity.

However, jazz should be learned from accomplished jazz musicians!

So, here's some good jazz guitar educators to consider:

A behind the scenes impression of the Jimmy Bruno no nonsense approach to jazz guitar education. Some introductory free lessons at The Jimmy Bruno Guitar Workshop (JBGW)!.


It's all about the ears, isn't it? Check out Willie Thomas's JazzEveryone.com in a fantastic jazz educator with revolutionary educational insights into getting into the jazz language, especially his “power of the pentatonic pairs” Best jazz ears training the is!


Marc-Andre Seguin's JazzGuitarLessons.net. All free lessons by Barry Harris inspired jazz guitarist.

Barry Greene's http://www.barrygreene.com/BarryGreene.com Jazz Guitarist and Educator.

Dixon Nacey's JazzguitarLegend.com. Some introductory free lessons.


Rich Stone's JazzGuitarLessons.com also inspired by Barry Harris.

Another jazz guitar great that has been inspired by Barry Harris is Roni Ben-Hur with his comprehensive and really generous chord workout DVD: Chordability - Mastering The Art of Jazz Voicings for the Guitar (2011): RoniBenHur.com. Buy it at Jamie Aebersolds jazzbooks.com!

Dr. Matt Warnock's MattWarnockGuitar.com. The video is from his “Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days”.

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Listen: Like Nick Carver's No Idle Fret Podcast Show.

Jazz Guitar Chord Grips & Voicings: Joe Bianco's II-V-I Tutor, a free webapp by Joe Bianco and Jeff Brent | eBook download, FREE Jazz Guitar Handbook (Complete) by Scott Baekeland. A reference source and study book for intermediate to advanced guitar players and/or teachers with a strong emphasis on Jazz Theory and stylings. It contains Chord Diagrams for all the most commonly used voicings plus many of the more advanced modern voicings.

Play-Alongs: Hal Crook Play-Alongs.

Gear: Archtop enthusiast Nicolai Foss Jazz&Archtops blog.

Lessons: StoneDragon's Online Guitar Lessons (beginner…) | chrisjuergensen.com - Lessons and Articles | JazzGuitarLessons.net | Whole Note Jazz Guitar Lessons Directory. Jeff Brent's Free Guitar Lessons Page. Joe's Guitar Method (book by Joey Goldstein). | The Jake Hertzog - Hey Jazz Guy video Lessons

Highly recommended books / DVDs: John Stowell Jazz Guitar Mastery | John Stowell, Mikes Master Classes | . It is said that nothing is more practical than good theory. In that respect, this guys brain is characterized by “lucid clarity” | Jay Umble

Learn Music Theory: Teoria | Hiro Honshuku's Jazz Theory Book Download.

Learn Standards: Camden Hughes Learn Jazz Standards | Ralph Patt's Jazz Vanilla Changes | All About Jazz Tunes Index | FreeJazzInstitute.org - changes | realbook.us - Jazz Chord Charts | Jazzplan.net - changes

Analysis of standards: jazzstandards.com

Jazz Vocabulary: Jim Snidero - Jazz Conception Series etudes. Matt Otto - free online lessons.

Jazz licks: bopland.org (+ some walking bass lines + and guitar comp) | jazzguitar.be various licks

Transcriptions: Jazz guitarist Steve Khan's transcriptions and original lead sheets and arrangements with the corresponding sound clips, along with an analysis. James Mahone - PRACTICE PORTAL with play-alongs. |Brent Stutzner transcriptions | Bert Ligon Jazz Transcriptions | Bruce Saunders | Emily Remler (tab) | allthingsemily.com - transcriptions(tab) | Andy Pattinson's Transcriptions | Professor Thomas Phleps Bebop Transcriptions.

Chord melody arrangements: starglasses.net - Chord melody Tabs (PDF)

Forums: The Jimmy Bruno Forum AllAboutJazz.com - Play Jazz | USENET rec.music.makers.guitar.jazz

Matt Otten - Smooth Jazz Lessons!

Know thy fretboard!

Comparison of the distribution of chord tones in a 2-5-1 progression. All of the chords tones, and all of the extension tones of the chords fits nicely into one and the same scale - the Ab Major Scale. Notice the relation between arpeggios and intervals of the chords, the shared notes, and the tone that sets a chords apart.

2-5-1 in the Key of Ab.

Altered dominant: Where you can superimpose pentatonic shapes over these changes? For instance, you can use F minor pentatonic over Bbm7, F# minor pentatonic over Eb7, and G minor pentatonic over Abmaj7. Then you're playing the 5, b7, 1, 9 and 11 of Bbm7; the #9, b5, #5, b7, and the b9 of Eb7; and the 7, 9, 3, #4 (the lydian sound), and the 6th over the Abmaj7.

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