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  • Hal Crook Play-Alongs Fabulous free online play-along collection of over 40 tunes written by professor Hal Crook with leadsheets (concert, Bb, and Eb instruments and bass clef, guide tones), and a multitrack mixer. With the mixer each song's instrumental tracks can be played separately or together as the full backup band instrumentation, and users may follow along with lead sheets provided in various transpositions. The additional mixer allows creation of individual mixes using the raw audio tracks of the recording session.
  • Hal Leonard Jazz Play Along Series (Listen to the sample tracks!)

A good advice before you buy would be to listen to the sample tracks from the Hal Leonard and Aebersold playalong and compare them.

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Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc's version of Isn't she lovely:
Here's a demo on how you can use a loop station. Jazz guitarist Victor Saumarez using a loop station to crate a funky jazz groove: