D Natural Blues - Wes Montgomery

D Natural Blues as played by jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery on maybe his most acclaimed album, “The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery” (Riverside, 1960). Tommy Flanagan on piano, Percy Heath on bass, and Albert Heath on drums.

Kivett Bednar lesson on How to play the **guitar solo** for 'Natural D Blues'

Ordered YouTube playlist of Kivett Bednar lesson on “How to play the guitar solo for “Natural D Blues” by Wes Montgomery”, originally published at expertvillage. Kivett Bednar is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Music Production and Engineering program.

See transcription by Bert Ligon (direct link (PDF))

Transcription by Chilean jazz guitarist Mario Abbagliati (link to his blog):

Emily Remlers Bb Blues

Emily Remler was very much inspired by Wes Montgomery. Here she playes “A Blues” in the key of Bb. It's the intro to her lesson video “Bebop & Swing Guitar”. See AllThingsEmily.com for a transcription (tab).

From an lesson by //[[http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/authors/guy-fenocchi.html|Guy Fenocchi]]//

Transcription by LickByNeck.com

Transcription of the singel line solo of Wes Montgomery can be downloaded from lickbyneck.com Single Line page