GuitarCodex applet

Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag! This Java applet uses the MIDI capability for J2SE v1.3.x and requires Java-plugin. The notes and chords are generated by sending messages to one of the default synthesizer's MidiChannel objects directly using the MidiChannel.noteOn() and related methods.

GuitarCodex is a useful tool with many uses. Basicly it generates guitar fretboard maps of scales, modes, chord and arpeggios in any key. It allows you to see the fretboard layout of chords and scales in your favorite tuning. Very simple but useful tool to practise imrpovising scales and arpeggios.

To operate the program, use your mouse. Select a chord or the scale you want to practice. For fingerings, click the fingerboard. Check the “Loop Chord” checkbox, and drag the slider to set an arpeggio time and hit play.

To practice improvising over scales or chords. Set it to play a chord or a scale in loop. Then start to practice improvising over of that chord or scale using the fretboard map. But another good thing is that you can set it to play that chord or scale, and while it play it, you can browse and view the fretboard map of any other chords or scale.

Tip: Download and install the from, to get better quality sound with java applications.


  • Guitar Fretboard Map
  • Guitar Chords Dictionary
  • Scale Finder
  • Reverse Guitar Chords Finder - Figure out the name of a chord (ad the notes and Guitar Codex will figure out the name of the chord.
  • Very simple but useful tool for improvising and soloing. Play a chord in loop and use the fretboard map to improvise over it.
  • Learning scales and modes and chord based arpeggios.
  • Find chords and arpeggios, scales and modes in different tunings too.