Jimmy Bruno's “Solo” recording compares favorably with the best recorded
work of Joe Pass. With the rhythm section Jimmy is a bop monster of the
first magnitude.
Joe Finn

Jimmy Bruno

Jimmy Bruno [1953] is an American jazz guitarist, jazz guitar educator, and band leader. He is one of the leading jazz guitarists of our day.

He is the leader of the Jimmy Bruno Trio. He teaches jazz guitar at the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute (JBGI). Jimmy Bruno came to prominence as a jazz musician in the 1990’s, after a successful twenty-year career as a sought-after commercial guitarist and session musician. His latest “Maplewood Avenue” recording marks his 13th jazz guitar. He has written several instructional books for six and seven string jazz guitar, and is a featured writer for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine. He has been the co-chair of the Jazz Guitar Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has played on dozens of TV and film scores.

He has authored several jazz guitar books and DVDs: Art of Picking, No Nonsense Jazz Guitar, Inside Out Jazz Guitar, Six Essential Fingerings for the Jazz Guitarist.


The Jimmy Bruno Guitar Method

Since he started educating in the 80s, Jimmy Bruno has developed a “no nonsens” jazz guitar education method. The method is based on his “Five Shapes”. An ingenious simplification that does away with “alphabet soup of scales, modes, and obtuse jazz and improv theory”. It make it possible to quickly learn to do improvisation in any key, in any position on the guitar. The basic idea of the Five Shapes - i.e. fingerings - is to get any tonal center under your fingers quickly, anywhere on the fretboard of the guitar neck. A very good place to start to learn jazz guitar.

*Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute (JBGI) - is possibly the best interactive jazz guitar education online. Here students learn Jimmy’s “no nonsense” approach to jazz improvisation. Lesson starts from the basic five shapes and takes the students through a progressive series of lessons making them ready for the master classes. The interactive part is one-on-one. Students submit videos of their playing as the go, and get personal response, analysis, guidance and feedback from Jimmy Bruno himself! Selected student-submitted videos with Jimmy's commentary can be watched by all students. For less than the price of a private lesson, you'll get full access to the entire site. Editors choice.

Performed with (incomplete)

Jimmy Buno has performed with Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton, Lena Horne, Tommy Tedesco,… He has recorded with Howard Alden, Joe Beck, Jenifer Leitham,…

Influenced by (incomplete)

Timeline of Jimmy Bruno (incomplete)

1953: Jimmy Bruno is born.
1960: Jimmy started to play the guitar at 7. Both his parents where musician. His mother an accomplished singer. His father did the 1959 hit “Guitar Boogie Shuffle” Frank Virtue and the Virtues.
1969: It was not before Jimmy was 16 that he start to study the guitar seriously. He then started studying jazz improvisation with the local South Philly bass legend, Al Stauffer. And while his friends listened to Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy practices violin etudes of Wohlfahrt and Paganini, on the guitar.
1970: At 17 he got a summer guitar gig in Wildwood NJ with Larry Cartell. He has never had a job unrelated to guitar ever since then.
1973: At 19 he went on the road as a sideman for the Buddy Rich Orchestra.
1974: Returned to Philly
1974: Session guitarust in Los Angeles
1988: Return to Philly. Playing and teaching jazz around Philly
1990s: Signed to Concord Jazz label
1993: Sleight of Hand - Concord Records
1994: Burnin' - Concord Records Concord
1995: Jazz Guitar Collective - Concord Records
1996: Like That - Concord Records. With organist Joey DeFrancesco.
1997: Full Circle - Concord Records. With Howard Alden, both on 7 string guitars.
1997: Live at Birdland 1 - Concord Records. With tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton.
1997: Live at Birdland 2 - Concord Records
2000: Polarity - Concord Records. With Joe Beck.
2000: Two for the Road - Azica Records. With Jenifer Leitham.
2001: Midnight Blue – Concord Records
2004: Solo – Mel Bay Records
2005: Carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. The surgery was a success.
2006: MB3 (with Corey Christensen and Vic Juris) - Mel Bay Records
2007: Maplewood Avenue – Affiliated Artists Records. With vibraphonist Tony Miceli and bassist Jeff Pedraz.

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