John Abercrombie

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John Abercrombie (1944 - ) is a contemporary jazz guitarist and jazz great with a distinctive, lyrical, and intervalic improvisational style, moving in spontaneous harmonic steps, rather than tied to patterns, or along scales, modes or arpeggios.

Inspired by: Barney Kessel, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and especially the Bill Evans trio, 1).

Abercrombie is compared to Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell and John Scofield, but has not received the same popular acclaim.

In 2003 his home was destroyed by fire. In addition to his personal possessions, most of his guitars and amplifiers were lost.2)

John Abercrombie - Teaches Jazz Guitar Improvisation

This video is from an instructional DVD by Abercrombie, “demonstrates melodic and motivic development, polychording, dynamics, rhythmic changes…”