The act and art of notating - notes, beat and tempo from - a recorded piece of music.

Her is a list of helpful articles, tools and sites featuring jazz transcriptions.




Transcription Software

Transcribe! from Seventh String Software is a very useful transcription tool to help you work out recorded tunes in order to write it down or learn to play it.

It offers many features aimed at making the transcription job smoother and easier, including the ability to slow down music without changing its pitch, and to analyse chords and show you what notes are present.

Transcribe! uses spectrum analysis to guess what notes and chords are played. It is also very useful if you just want to learn a tune from a recording. You can also playback files using a graphic EQ and in Karaoke mode.

But basicly this is how you use Transcribe!

Load a tune from a audio file or CD into Transcribe. Transcribe! now generates the scrollable waveform that it uses to guess notes. When the tune is loaded, hit play and as the tune is played, tap along on every beat with hotkeys. You use M as the hotkey for first beats, B for other beats, and S for first beat of new chorus. To get the beats where you want them, you can slow down the playing of the tune to 50% or 25% without changing the pitch, and easily retake parts.

It can playback any section of the scrollable waveform you select in loop.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, and LinuxFree trial, £25.

DsChordFinder Music Recognition Software. Find out guitar chords and even solos, leads and riffs in recorded music with this piece of software. No more expensive songbooks or hours and hours of trying to puzzle out a song. Do you want to know how to play that one song you have on CD, record or tape? Record it with Windows Soundrecorder, load it in the DsChordFinder software and see how it's done. DsChordFinder uses frequency analysis software on the recorded music to show how it's played on guitar.

Band-in-a-Box has a built-in “Chords from MP3” feature that automatically figures out the chords from any MP3, WAV or WMA audio file, and displays them as chords in Band-in-a-Box.